What is a CSA? And how does it work?
CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It's through support from the community that small farms survive and thrive. Come and be a part of ours. Here's some information you should know.

Winter CSA for 2016-2017 starts 11/29/2016 and ends 02/14/2017
Spring CSA for 2017 starts 02/21/2017  and ends 07/11/2017  
Summer CSA for 2017 starts 07/18/2017 and ends 11/22/2017

$25 per share. Shares can be purchases weekly or biweekly.

*Please note we prefer a 5 week minimum commitment.  Make payments as you go after that and stop anytime. 

Receive 7-10 items of freshly picked, certified organic produce from our farm and neighboring organic farms for fruits and warm weather crops. 

Pick-up your produce at one of our convenient locations near your home or workplace located in SLO, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cambria, and the farm.  Home delivery is also available for an extra $5 per delivery.  The shares are available for pick-up every Thursday from 4-9 pm. 

Sign-up on Farmigo. Farmigo is set up eliminates the need for invoices. Our members have an account with a balance, that is the amount of money that has been paid to the farm. Every week you receive produce, the money is withdrawn from the account. When you show a low balance it is time to send in a payment. You can pay as often and as much as you like. This way you can view your account anytime and see your history of payment and receipt. You can also set up vacation times so you don't have to pay for veggies you don't use.

Volunteer  CSA members are welcome to come out and help with the growing of their produce.  Work share opportunities are also available to lower the cost of a share.