Our Farm

Located in Los Osos, CA.

Los Osos Valley Organic Farm is committed to practicing sustainable agricultural techniques to provide the local community with fresh, certified organic produce.

 About our Farm

In the Spring of 2002 Eric and Dana purchased 81 acres off Clark Valley Road and Los Osos Valley Road and developed Clark Valley Farm and Horse Boarding, a certified organic farm and sustainably managed horse facility.  From 2002 thru 2009 they grew 100% organic crops at the Clark Valley Farm and sold their broccoli, lettuce, kale, chard, strawberries, lettuce and many other veggies at six farmer's markets, to as many as 100 households with their CSA and to local restaurants.

In 2008 Eric hired Jim Terrick as the farm manager and they ran the farm together until 2009 when Eric and Dana decided to purchase some land in Pozo and started farming there. Now Jim manages and runs the farm in Los Osos, and has built on what Eric and Dana began.

Jim worked on his uncle's farm as a child growing up, and also worked in traditional agriculture for a short time.  Then he found his way to Tanaka farms in southern California, and learned about organic growing methods.  He now is passionate about growing organically. 

Clark Valley Organic Farm's system includes: growing and marketing over 80 different crops; providing year-round employment for farm labor; using cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; developing innovative marketing strategies; and planting habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. This set of strategies allows the farm to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental goals.

Clark Valley Organic Farm's products are marketed both wholesale and retail. We sell to restaurants, at farmers markets and through a Community Supported Agriculture project, or CSA. Both the CSA and the farmers markets forge a direct connection between the farm and the people who buy and eat its produce. Through the CSA, individuals can receive a weekly share of produce through the year. By belonging to the CSA, members support organic farming practices that are healthful for people and the environment. They also have the opportunity to eat the freshest, most nutritional produce available.